Judicial Watch Says More Pentagon Tapes To Come


Judicial Watch Says More Pentagon Tapes To Come
Farrell admits entire issue potential intelligence honey pot operation

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | May 18 2006

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations & Research and former military intelligence officer Chris Farrell says the watchdog organization plans to file another lawsuit in order to obtain as many as possible of the 84 other tapes that potentially show what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11.

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show, Farrell conceded that his organization could be the water carriers for a honey pot operation, in which the government attracts overwhelming attention to the Pentagon issue, making it the cornerstone of the 9/11 truth movement, and then blowing it out of the water by releasing clear footage of Flight 77.

"Let's just call it a baited trap, it draws somebody into a situation in which they're compromised," said Farrell in describing the tactic of creating a honey pot. He agreed that we should expect to see clear footage of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon released soon.

Farrell agreed that the DoD only released the tape because they wanted to for their own reasons. We have witnessed numerous times over the government claim national security in refusing to release evidence and they could have done the same in this instance yet they deliberately chose to relent and release the new tapes. 

Farrell (pictured) resolved to pursue a lawsuit against the FBI unless they released the 84 separate video tapes seized around the Pentagon on the day of 9/11 which are still being withheld. He expects the lawsuit to take around three months at which point the FBI would be compelled to release the tapes or claim national security in withholding them.

"Three months is my guess, they'll let it go into the summer and once they're compelled through a lawsuit suddenly they'll break loose with a couple more," said Farrell.

Farrell went as far as to suggest that upcoming Pentagon tapes would be used by the government for political points scoring in anticipation of the mid-term elections.

"They want to present it in time for the elections, they want to get through the summer and once the summer is over three months down the road people start getting back into politics mode and elections come up that's when you'll see it dribble out."

Many suspect Judicial Watch is being used as a conduit for the dissemination of carefully staged government propaganda. When the subject of Operation Northwoods was raised, Farrell became noticeably evasive and began to talk about government incompetence as if reading from a prepared script.

Click here to listen to a free clip of this interview or hear the whole 30 minute piece by subscribing to Prison Planet.tv.


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